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Run for Ovarian Cancer

Ann Crowley 1944 - 2003

Ann was the most active, vibrant woman you would ever want to meet. She was the fitness catalyst for her entire group of friends, encouraging everyone to join in yet another spinning class. So when her stomach started to appear slightly bloated she dismissed it. Then when her clothes suddenly wouldn't do up at the waist she started to wonder why. She had completely ignored the frequent urination, putting it down to being a woman in middle age.

After a few weeks she decided to seek a medical opinion about her stomach and was appalled to learn the awful diagnosis. Stage III ovarian cancer. The disease that whispers - it's symptoms so subtle and late to appear that detection is seldom early enough to halt the progress of the disease.

But with Ann's indomitable spirit she attacked. With the experience and dedication of the London Regional Cancer Clinic's team of oncologists led by Dr.Akiro Sugimoto, Ann was able to keep fighting long enough to see her run turn into a huge success. Ann passed away in July 2003.

The Run For Ovarian Cancer was an idea born of the shock of realizing how little most women knew about the signs and symptoms of this terrible disease. In her typical Irish-Canadian, damn the torpedoes approach to a challenge Ann rallied all her friends to the cause. Ann's spirit is still the driving force behind this grass roots fundraising initiative whose goal is not only to raise money specifically for Ovarian Cancer Awareness here in London, but also to turn the "Whisper" into a ROAR!

Please help us reach these goals. Tell people about this web site and this cause. At the very least, bring the attention of every woman you know to the information on risk factors and symptoms of Ovarian Cancer.

Working together we can all make a difference...